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Ferndale Villas dedicates 24,213 square meter for its amenity area for activities and experiences for families to share. The central park is divided into several areas that offer distinct activities. Ferndale Villas include a parking area, a play area, a beautiful open lawn, an adult lap pool, and a jogging trail. For the other entertainment activities, it comes with a lobby, function rooms, terraced seating, a basketball court, pavilions and an outdoor barbeque area.

The features and amenities that have been made available to the residents of the Ferndale Villas are simply breath-taking. There is a basketball court for the kids to play in, a swimming pool both for children and adults, gardens, gazebos and a teahouse. There is also a club house for any person who would wish to join which features a bar, a lounge, a gym, a functions room and it also has Wi-Fi. It is simply an area in which a resident can be able to go and relax as you have a good time. There is also an entertainment room which can be a perfect place for any resident and their kids to keep themselves busy. Whether you only want to sit down and relax as you interact with your friends and neighbors or if you simply want to have a quiet walk around the area, the property is very ideal. The amenities that have been provided by Alveo Land will easily help take away all the worries and stress that tend to come with all those hectic routines that many people tend to have.

There is also a central park near the property which was divided into some areas. These areas are divided to provide specific experiences and activities to the entire family of the residents who have occupied the Ferndale Villas. The developer of the property was keen to make sure that any person occupying the property was going to be in an atmosphere that is beautiful, peaceful, exciting and fun. The lapping pool is approximately 20m and 110sqm while the kiddie pool is 42sqm and the lounge pool is 110sqm.

Property Managment

Ayala Property Management Corporation (APMC) manages the property. Other additional features that the control offers have mentioned below.A safeguarded and preserved condition to the entire Ferndale Villas community. 24-hour security services with roaming guards around the property which are a way of giving the residents peace of mind and assuring them that they are safe. Maintenance in the entire community and village leaving all residents worry free regarding the environment in which they are living.

With all the information given above, you shouldn’t look any further if you are thinking of buying a property or buying one. Ferndale Villas is the right place to be especially with the amenities and features that the property has to offer to its residents.

  • Open Lawn
  • Kids Play area
  • Lap pool
  • Kid's pool
  • Lounge pool
  • Outdoor shower
  • Jogging Trail
  • Pool deck
  • Function Rooms
  • Basketball court
  • Pavilion
  • Clubhouse
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